Fly Fishing Introduction

Fly Fishing
By† Al Hammel, Fish with a Fly Guide Service

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Why Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing is a mystery to many, an addiction to the rest. Last year I fished more than 150 days ' seriously. What is it about waving a nine-foot-long graphite stick in the air and fooling fish with feathers and fur that draws people to rivers? It's not easy to say, really. I grew up spin fishing and admired the old-timers casting a bamboo rod with a hand-tied fly to unsuspecting trout.

Only after moving to Montana did I learn that the sport is easy, affordable, and the best cure for the stress of teaching in public schools. One can purchase a rod, reel, line, and a selection of flies for less than $100. This basic set up will bring years and years of service to its owner. That's far less than regular visits to a therapist.

The ability to catch fish with an artificial fly is easy to learn, too, though the best way is to find someone to teach you. If you don't have a family member, friend, or acquaintance to teach you, hire a guide. A fly fishing guide will have the gear for you to use (if you are uncertain about making your purchase) and the patience and expertise to help you jump start the steep learning curve. Once you can cast your line so it lies straight, you can start catching fish.

Introduction >> Fly Fishing in North Warren >> Flies on the Schroon River

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