Schroon River Flies

Fly Fishing
By Al Hammel, Fish with a Fly Guide Service

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Flies on the Schroon River

Prince nymphs, wooly buggers, hornbergs, terrestrials, streamers, they're all good. There is a regular caddis hatch and stoneflies are prevelant.

I fish attractor patterns mostly. Prince nymphs fished on the swing will produce rainbows and dead-drifted--browns. Wooly buggers are great searching patterns and once you find your game, experiment. Most of the newly stocked fish aren't picky. The hold-overs are more selective and that's the time to "match the hatch". Take a peak at my nymphs.

For dries try march browns, blue-winged olives, black or olive caddis and stoneflies. Bring a variety of sizes. Black caddis in 18's are a good bet. Varying your tippet will make the difference between going insane or home with a smile. I have had nights where, no joke, the trout are bouncing off my legs doing acrobatics for hatching caddis but would not take my fly. I was fishing with 4x tippet and my leader was too short.

After a few of these occasions I made sure to switch to a longer leader and finer tippet. My buddy and I switched rods back and forth to test our plan and the man with the delicate line caught the fish. This is not true during the early season (late May to early June) but is through the middle and on to the end of the season.

Kauffman's stimulator should be in every box. Fish it with a small pheasant tail dropper (about 6-8 inches down).

You can stock your box and load up on tippet and leaders at The Crossroads off Exit 25. Take Route 8 to Schroon River Road, turn north on Schroon River Road (look for the Gas/Ice/Bait signs). You can't miss it and the folks there are super nice!

Introduction >> Fly Fishing in North Warren >> Flies on the Schroon River

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