North Warren Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing
By Al Hammel, Fish with a Fly Guide Service

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Fly Fishing in North Warren

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or in between, the North Warren area is just the place to fly fish.

There are rivers with riffles, runs, pools and pockets. There are small creeks teeming with native brookies, and remote ponds, mountian brooks and lakes galore.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has reclaimed many of the stillwaters in our area and designated them as "special trout water." These waters are managed for trout and do not allow the use of bait fish, and, in some cases, live bait of any kind!

You can find these ponds on the DEC website (choose the Warren or Essex County links). Be sure to check out the maps, they're very helpful.

Use this stocking chart for the water you want to fish '± stocked ponds are a good indication of success'³but there are many places not listed that can be better! If you have the time to explore, find a topographic map of the area, pick a pond and start hiking. If you don't have the time to discover them on your own, hire a guide.

Bring a 4-6 weight rod with an intermediate sinking line if you are floating. I fish tippets between 4x and 3x with damsels, montana stones, mickey fins, and hornbergs in larger sizes (6-10). Wooly buggers usually work well, too. Sink tips from the shore in the spring work well when the fish are cruising the shallows.

The smaller fish are higher in the water column and can be reached with floating lines and a split shot 12-18 inches above the fly. The big ones are deep, on the bottom, and like their flies fished slowly.

Introduction >> Fly Fishing in North Warren >> Flies on the Schroon River

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